Heritage Federal Credit Union was founded on the value of community

A value we still hold strong today as we strive to make a positive impact through donations, sponsorships and volunteerism.


Our priority and mission is to volunteer. While financial support is needed at times, our priority and mission is to volunteer our time and talents. Our Sea of Red is our employees, Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee members; along with our family and friends. In 2019, seventy-six HFCU employees volunteered over 2,700 hours at local events.


When you support us, you support local organizations. Heritage Federal Credit Union is a proud partner of many local non-profit organizations. We graciously donate funding or in-kind gifts to support various causes. In 2019, we donated, sponsored, and/or volunteered with over 100 non-profits in our field of membership.


We want to help you, but we can’t help everyone. As a not-for-profit financial institution we can fulfill a limited number of requests within the communities we serve. Projects and events must be in Vanderburgh, Warrick and Posey Counties in Indiana; and Henderson County in Kentucky. Requests can be made at any time; however, we ask that you submit requests at least 60 days before the project or event deadline. Only complete forms with all required fields entered, including the I Am Not A Robot box, will be submitted for review. Community Donation Request Form

Community Room

Local 104 Community Room – Are you are a non-profit that needs a space to meet? Request the usage of our Local 104 Community Room.

Community Room Request Form

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Please Read through the Guidelines before clicking "Submit" at the bottom of the page.


  • Only local organizations such as local non-profits that are a 501(c)3 may utilize HFCU’s Local 104 Community Room.
  • Events must be in good taste and must not be discriminatory or inflammatory in nature.
  • The organization indemnifies HFCU for any personal injury that may occur on HFCU’s premise during the event.
  • If you have any questions about any of these guidelines please contact:

Community Relations Manager
Molly Joines
(812) 253-6928 x 2290


  • Time requested for Community Room use must include time for set up and breakdown.
  • NOTE: Time begins when the first person arrives and ends when the last person leaves. Be sure to leave adequate time to tidy up at the end of the event.
  • Events may NOT extend past the requested time.



If organization or any of its staff, volunteers, participants, and/or any individual(s) on or near the Facilities and Equipment as a result of organizations use of the Facilities and Equipment under this Agreement causes damage to HFCU Facilities and Equipment, other than ordinary wear and tear, organization shall pay any costs associated with repairing the damage and restoring the Facilities and Equipment to their condition prior to organization’s use thereof.



Certain decorations are specifically prohibited at HFCU such as confetti, glitter, stickers, burning objects, etc.

  • All decorations must be set up on the same day as the event, and removed at the conclusion of the event unless other arrangements are made in advance of the event with HFCU.
  • No furniture or decorative objects belonging to HFCU may be moved from their respective positions without the permission of HFCU.
  • Nothing may be nailed, tacked, taped, hung, stapled or affixed in any way to the facility, inside or out other than on the boards provided by HFCU. All decorations, other than free standing, must be approved. In no manner will the organization permit any employee, guest or contracted party to deface, damage, or otherwise injure HFCU property or its facility.
  • HFCU staff will set up and break down tables for the event (must notify HFCU at least 2 weeks in advance for any special layout requests).
  • The organization is responsible for removing all decorations and all other items belonging to them at the conclusion of the event (including outside decorations). HFCU is not responsible for equipment, materials, etc. left.



All technical requirements and arrangements will be agreed upon between the organization and HFCU prior to the event date. HFCU can provide basic microphones and audio/visual equipment. If the organization requires any specialized equipment that HFCU does not have, the organization agrees to provide said equipment for their event with no cost to HFCU.



Restrictions for the Community Room are as follows:

  • At no point should the Local 104 signage on the wall be covered. It must be visible at all times, unless the projector and screen are in use then the Local 104 signage on the wall can be covered by the screen only.
  • The HFCU logo on the podium must not be covered.
  • Recurring Meetings- the Community Room may not be booked more than a year in advance.
  • HFCU Functions- HFCU’s own functions take precedence over activities of outside groups. HFCU reserves the right to cancel, with due notice, an outside group’s reservation in favor of HFCU’s own use of the Community Room.
  • Potential Damage- HFCU reserves the right to refuse the use of the Community Room for activities or projects that appear likely to damage the room or its furnishings or equipment.
  • Children- Parents are responsible for the actions of their children who accompany them. Parents must therefore maintain active control over their children.
  • Animals- No animals are permitted in the building unless they are a registered service animal.
  • Financial Responsibility- the sponsor or organizer of a meeting or activity ⎯ specifically, the person submitting the Community Room request ⎯ agrees to be financially responsible for any damages to HFCU property that occur as a result of their activity or that are caused by its participants; and for the cost of any extraordinary cleaning that may be necessary as a result of the activity.
  • Room Capacity- Table & chairs- Approx. 35 people; Chairs Only- Approx. 80 people.
  • Termination of Privileges- HFCU reserves the right to terminate the use of the Community Room and to refuse future use by organizations or individuals:
    • whose activities result in more than the normal wear and tear expected from routine use of the facilities;
    • who engage in disorderly or objectionable conduct or who fail to maintain control of their children;
    • who fail to clean up after themselves, to notify HFCU of any spill or other occurrence requiring janitorial attention, or to leave the room in good order;
    • who fail, without notice, to use the Community Room when scheduled;
    • who fail to vacate the Community Room at the appointed time;
    • who misrepresent the purpose for which the Community Room was booked; or,
    • whose continued use of the facilities is determined not to be in the best interests of HFCU.



  • Groups wishing to use the Community Room kitchen must indicate so at the time they reserve the room.
  • No alcohol is permitted on the premises.
  • The refrigerator, microwaves, or other appliances may be used to cool or to warm foods brought in by the group but may not be used for extensive preparation of foods beforehand. Note that there is no stove, only microwaves.
  • The organization may use the coffee makers or urns but coffee grounds must be disposed of and the appliances (pot, urn, and basket) rinsed out and dried and coffee pots must be turned off before leaving. Organization must bring their own coffee and filters; this will not be provided by HFCU.
  • The organization must leave all food preparation and serving areas neat and clean. This includes, but is not limited to the kitchen and all other surfaces used which have food or spillages, including all floors and the refrigerators must be clean of the organization’s items. Paper towels and basic cleaning supplies are provided.
  • Tables and chairs must be cleaned.
  • The organization agrees to leave facility and grounds in the condition in which they were found.
  • All decorations, food and drink container products and all trash must be collected in plastic trash bags. For all events serving food, the organization shall collect all trash
  • generated from the event on the night of the event and place next to any nearby trashcan. Trash bags are provided.
  • All doors leading into HFCU must be shut and locked at all times. Doors cannot be propped open (the organization must dedicate someone to let those attending the event into the building).
I have read and agree to the HFCU Local 104 Community Room Agreement:
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