Heritage New Digital Banking Experience

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Android and Windows

If you are a current user of the iOS app, you will just need to update your current app. Android users will need to follow the link above.

A digital banking experience with a clean and consistent design across both online and mobile platforms.

All the same great features PLUS several new and improved features designed to make your banking experience easier for YOU.

  • Increased security and fraud protection
  • Stay up to date with faster alerts and push notifications
  • Update and manage accounts with many new and improved self-service features
  • Search your transaction history with simplified navigation
  • Easily deposit checks with improved mobile deposit
  • Access to budgeting and goal planning
  • Send and receive money with individuals using Zelle
  • Transfer balances between institutions easily
  • View your Kasasa qualification status
  • Activate Skip-a-payment
  • Submit real-time travel alerts


Converted User Login Process

Joint User and New User Registration Process

Refer back to this page for more updates and information about the New Digital Banking Experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions


A. If your device allows the use of fingerprint ID, you will need to follow the below steps:

  1. Log into your app and click "Settings"
  2. Click on "Face Unlock" - this is where you will control face ID or fingerprint ID depending on your device settings.
  3. Switch the toggle that says "Use Face Unlock" 

followsteps fingerprintid

This will allow your Heritage app to use your device's biometric authentication. The app will use Face ID or Fingerprint ID depending on your device settings, not the settings within the Digital Banking app. 

A. We highly recommend you keep your account information up-to-date for a seamless transition to the New Digital Banking Experience. You may do this in a variety of ways. Call us at (812) 253-6928; use our Secure Message within online banking; click “Let’s chat!” in the bottom right corner of this page; OR, or you may do it yourself. In order to make these account changes yourself, visit this page with step-by-step instructions.

A. No, as long as you have signed in to online banking between June 20, 2021  - June 20, 2022. If you are the primary account holder, your online banking account will carry over and you will be able to log in with your existing username. You will be prompted to create a new password for security purposes.

A. Yes. Joint owners will register as a new user and have their own username and password. The accounts are linked by SSN. Therefore, if you are a joint owner for multiple accounts, you will be able to view all your accounts by logging in with your own username and password once you register.

A. You can refer to your Heritage Federal statements. The statement is addressed to Primary Account Holder. The Joint Account Holder is listed under "shares" on the statement. See image below:

Member Statement

A. Online Banking is any form of personal banking which you conduct using the Internet. While Online Banking only deals with the essential transactions, Digital Banking goes much deeper and requires a comprehensive re-engineering of Heritage’s internal systems. Once the New Digital Banking Experience is live. You will notice a consistent look and feel across desktop, mobile, and the new app.

A. To be ready for the New Digital Banking Experience, make sure your Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari browser is up-to-date with the latest two versions. Internet Explorer is NOT supported. Tablets and iPads will not have app access and must use digital banking through heritagefederal.org. 

Devices Supported:

  • Windows: Versions currently supported by Microsoft, using a supported browser listed above
  • OS X: Versions still supported by Apple, using a supported browser listed above
  • Android: Version 8.0+
  • iOS: Last two major releases

A. Yes.  You can link your Heritage Financial accounts via the “Link External Accounts” function on the Dashboard.  Click the “Get Started” button.  In the search field type “LPL” and then select the option for LPL Financial (Clients). 

Enter your Username and Password utilized to access your Heritage Financial accounts and click Submit.  You will be required to enter your One Time Passcode sent to you from LPL Financial.  Once the accounts Sync (this may take a day to fully sync) they will appear on your Dashboard and in your Accounts menu as well.  This will allow you to view account balances.

HF Image

You may also access your Heritage Financial accounts directly via the link under the Financial Planning Menu.

HF Step 2

Q. Can I transfer money to and from another Financial Institution to Heritage?

A. Yes! You can link your external account for the purpose of transferring funds between accounts by navigating to the "Transfers" menu, select "Classic Transfers", and then clicking on the blue text "+ Add an account to make a transfer". The application will walk you through the steps to add an external account. The first time you link the account, you will need to confirm micro deposits and this may take up to 3 business days to confirm. 


Q. Are transfers in the transfer widget immediate?

A. Account to account, account to loan, and user to user are immediate. Setting up an external account for ACH transfers requires the micro deposit verification process and therefore is not immediate. Additionally, transfers set up for an existing external account would still take the 2-3 day window for the transfer to make it to its final destination.


Q. How do I transfer money to another Heritage member?

A. Using the transfer widget, under the Classic tab, select “Add an Account” the “Send Money to Another Heritage Federal Credit Union Member”. You will need to know the recipients last name, member number and account number. If you would like to save the account to transfer in the future, you can check the box.


Q. How long does the tranfer to another Heritage member take?

A. Up to 10 minutes.

A. Any trustee on the account. However, to keep things consistent the first trustee on the account will get the previous online banking credentials. Any other trustees on the account will have to go through the registration process.

A. If you would like to make a to a loan from another institution’s account you will navigate to the Classic Transfer’s tab and link an External Account, then make the transfer.

A. Yes, alerts can now be sent via mobile SMS, email or push notification to the application on a mobile device. Navigate to Settings and under the Notification Tab you will be able to set up your alert preferences.

A. To activate the ability to receive mobile alerts, you must first agree to terms and conditions that can be found by navigating to Setting and under the Contact tab, there is an edit pencil next to mobile number where you will be able to request a temporary code, confirm that code, and opt that mobile device in to receive SMS alerts.

A. You can turn off these alerts by navigating to Tools, choosing Alerts and clicking the pencil next to the alert you are wanting to manage. Simply slide to turn the alert off and click save. Since your alerts are customizable based upon the alert type, you will need to manage or turn off each alert that you do not want to receive.

A. If you have previously logged in with another device and selected "remember this device", then it is likely you are logging in with the new device but on the same Wifi connection. Therefore, the device will still show up under registered devices on the Security Tab.

Q. Can I use both Overdraft Protection and Courtesy Pay?

A. Yes. If you currently have Overdraft Protection set up those funds will be utilized first. If there are no funds available or if Overdraft Protection is not currently set up, then Courtesy Pay will be utilized if you have opted in.


Q. Is there an option to set up Overdraft Protection from another account?

A. No, you can’t set Overdraft Protection up on a linked account

Q. How do I log into the new system? (Converted Primary Member Only) – Joint owners on an account will register as a new user and create their own login.  No more sharing logins.  Please refer to our video…

A. If you are logging in from a mobile device, Android users will need to delete the old app and download a new version from the Google Play Store. Apple users will only need to update their application.

  • Log in using your current username
  • Enter your social or DOB, and the temporary password when prompted, following directions on the page. This code is sent based upon your contact preference on record (voice, email, text)
  • Create your new personalized password. You will use your current username and this password to log in moving forward.

From a desktop or tablet,

  • Log in using your current username
  • Enter the last four digits of your social or DOB, and the temporary password when prompted, following directions on the page. This code is sent based upon your contact preference on record (voice, email, text)
  • Create your new personalized password. You will use your current username and this password to log in moving forward.

Q. Can I use my same username? (Converted Primary Member Only)

A. Yes. Your current username is still valid on the new system. If you’ve forgotten your username, click the “Forgot Username?” link on our home page.

Q. Can I use my same password? (Converted Primary Member Only)

A. Yes, as long as your current password meets the system requirements.

Q. How will biometrics be affected?

A. If the biometric security (fingerprint scan) on your mobile device is currently activated, you’ll be prompted with set up instructions.

Q. Will my account look the same when I log in?

A. All of your current account information will transfer over securely to the new system. Once you log in, you’ll immediately notice a change to a dashboard layout which gives you a convenient, snapshot view of your accounts. And you can easily rearrange the dashboard according to your preferences.

Q. What’s going to be different?

A. The biggest and best difference is that most everything you can do on the online platform can now be done on the mobile side, providing a seamless banking experience so you can easily manage your money from a single device. Even better, our new service offers a suite of user-friendly tools for doing everything from everyday banking to achieving long-term financial goals.

Q. Can I change my username and password after my initial login?

A. Yes, you are able to change your username and password by navigating to Settings.

Q. I have a Joint account; will I have a separate log in?

A. No, all accounts will show up under the same login. If you are a Joint Owner you will need to register. No more sharing login credentials.

Q. Why won't the banking account from another Financial Institution sync?

A. Ensure the login information is correct for the bank that you are attempting to link. If your login information is correct, and you are still having an issue and/or if you notice a yellow alert icon or the “Balance as of…” date is old, you will need to manually refresh the data.

For mobile users, navigate to Settings and under Accounts, select the account that needs to be synced, and then “update login”

For desktop or tablet users, navigate to Settings and under Accounts, select the account that needs to be synced, and the refresh icon.

Q. How often are my external accounts updated?

A. Daily. Please note, some accounts will not automatically refresh if the other financial institution requires multi factor authentication (for example security questions). If they use multifactor authentication, this will require you to refresh your credentials by navigating to Settings, under Accounts and clicking on the aggregate account you would like to be updated.

Q. Can I receive my statements from other financial institutions on this application?

A. No, you will still have to access most features using your other financial institutions application.

Q. What can I do with a linked external account?

A. Adding external accounts will give you a holistic view of your personal finances. Using the Financial Planning widget will allow you to have a full view of your spending by category. You can use the filter option to look at specific categories or time frames across your accounts.

Q. How does Mobile Deposit work?

A. Select Mobile Deposit, the account you wish to deposit to, enter the amount of your check and Sign the back of your check. You will then be prompted to take a photo of the front and back of your endorsed check with your mobile device. Be sure to capture a clear picture with all 4 corners of the check in your mobile device’s camera screen. Then submit your deposit. After your deposit is submitted, you will receive a confirmation message on your mobile device along with an email confirmation.

Q. When will my mobile deposit funds be available?

A. Usually within 10 minutes unless a hold is applied. Common reasons a hold is applied include: large deposit amounts, third party checks, deposited checks returned unpaid, etc. When the funds are available, you will be able to see the amount in the available balance of the account you selected when you submitted the mobile deposit.

A. Yes. If you currently have Overdraft Protection set up those funds will be utilized first. If there are no funds available or if Overdraft Protection is not currently set up, then ODT/ODT Plus will be utilized if you have opted in for it.

A. Yes, please refer to our fee schedule. 

Q. Which cards are eligible to use the lock/unlock feature?

A. All of our debit and credit cards are eligible for this feature.

Q. What happens when I lock my card?

A. Within minutes, you'll see the card appear locked. Locking your card will prevent new transactions, while still allowing recurring transactions, pre-authorized payments and refunds to post to your account.

Q. What happens when I unlock my card?

A. Once your card is unlocked, you may resume transactions and payments.

Q. Should I lock my card if I see an unauthorized transaction?

A. No, please dispute the transaction in through the Secure Message Center or Chat Us, and then we will block the card and send you a new card. We recommend you lock your card for temporary misplacement. If you suspect fraudulent charges or you’re certain you’ve lost your card, please contact us.

Q. Will a locked card work in my mobile wallet?

A. No, the card will show up in the mobile wallet, but authorizations will be declined.

Q. Will my bill pay information carry over to the new digital banking platform?

A. Yes. All your current payee/payment information will carry over. Please review your bill pay settings, just to be sure everything is correct.

Q. If I am transferring to a new payee, do I need to verify with a temporary code?

A. Yes, any time money above a set threshold is being transferred out of your account, or a new account link (external or internal) is being established, a verification code will be sent via Voice, Email, or Text to verify your identity.

Q. Will I need to set up my payees again?

A. No, existing payees and scheduled payments will appear in the new platform.

Q. Will my accounts information from other financial institutions carry over to the new platform?

A. Yes. Any transfer accounts from other Financial Institutions that are currently established on your account will carry over to the new platform and be seen under the Accounts widget. However, if you are utilizing the Personal Financial Management tools, you will need to re-enter the account information to gain a more holistic view of your finances (balances/transactions).


Q. Will my current online banking recurring transfers carry over? 

A. Yes.  However, your ability to edit, cancel, pause these transfers will not be available.  Please contact Heritage Federal to remove this recurring transfer.  You can then set up the recurring transfer in our new digital experience and have full control to edit, cancel, etc. the transfer. 


Q. Will I have access to all of my accounts with a single login?

A. Yes, with the new Digital Banking Login in model you will see all of your accounts you are Primary or Joint Owner on.


Q. Where will the MICR info display in Online Banking?

A. Under the Accounts widget, within the Account Details tab.


Q. How far back can I search transactions on an account?

A. Up to 18 months of transactions will be available.


Q. How far back will my check images written from my account be available?

A. Up to 18 months of check images will be available for checks written from your account.


Q. How far back will my check images written from my account be available?

A. Up to 18 months of check images will be available for checks written from your account.


Q. If I hide my account, will I still be able to transfer funds to/from that account in online banking?

A. Yes, hiding an account from the Dashboard will not affect your ability to transfer to and from the account. If you hide your account in the Account widget, you can gain visibility again by navigating to the Settings and making the appropriate modification under the Account tab.

A. eStatements will be automatically enrolled if you were previously enrolled for Primary Members. Members may have to re-accept the eStatement disclosure if they have multiple accounts and not all account were previously enrolled. eStatements will only be available to the Primary member on the account.

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