Balance Transfer Disclosure

Balance Transfers can take up to 4 weeks to complete; therefore, you may need to make payments on your other accounts to keep them current. Your other card account will not be closed (even if you transfer the entire balance). If you want to close an account, please contact the other credit card company directly. The balance transfer amount will appear on your Heritage Federal Credit Union statement. Payment on the amount authorized by you may or may not satisfy any outstanding balance on the designated account. The credit union is not responsible for any remaining balance or additional charges with regard to such account, or for any charges resulting in any delay in the payment and transfer of balances. The credit union reserves the right to refuse any balance transfer request. Balance transfers are assessed finance charges from the transaction date and continue until payment in full is received for the balances. I authorize Heritage Federal Credit Union to pay the amount specified by me in this balance transfer request and to apply that amount to my Heritage Federal Credit Union Visa credit card account.

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