Our PATRICK Core Values 

  • PROFESSIONALISM - I will display exemplary behaviors through my words, actions, demeanor, and appearance in all transactions, settings, venues and communications. 
  • ACCOUNTABILITY - I will take responsibility and ownership for the performance of my assigned duties. I will maintain focus and a sense of urgency on the path towards my specific goals. 
  • TEAMWORK - I will be reliable and responsible in the completion of my assignments to that others may complete their work. My co-workers may depend on my assistance, and I may rely on them to support my efforts to succeed. 
  • RESPECT - I will celebrate and leverage the advantages of generational, educational, experiential, and cultural diversity. I will be courteous, thoughtful and appreciative, and attentive when considering the points of view of my co-workers, subordinates, supervisors, and members. 
  • INTEGRITY - I will be committed to carrying out the requirements of the credit union policies, procedures and processes. I will keep and respect confidences through the organization. I will be honest, reputable, ethical and professional to earn the trust of members and co-workers. I will stay true to these values despite pressure to set them aside. 
  • COMMUNICATION - I will actively engage in the two-way exchange of information. I will utilize the appropriate communication channel and maintain an open frame of mind to understand and to be understood. I will make a difference by offering my observations and feedback in a constructive manner. 
  • KNOWLEDGE - I will take the initiative for developing my skills and career advancement through the training and education available to me. I will continually improve my job competencies and service attributes in order to add value to the organization and its members. 
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