New Look. Same Sign In.

The next time you sign in to view your eStatements, using your same user name and password, you’ll notice that we have given our eStatements site a new look. You may notice that some things that were over here are now over there, but it still has the same great features and functionality that you’re accustomed to. We hope that these upgrades and improvements will make accessing your eStatements an even better experience.

easy… electronic… eStatements

Simplify your life and enjoy peace of mind by switching to eStatements. Paper statements can put you at risk for identity theft if they are left in your mailbox or not properly shredded. Choose eStatements and your personal information will be secured and protected.

  • Fast - eStatements can be viewed online up to 7 days earlier than with traditional paper statements.
  • Convenient - eStatements help you avoid paper clutter, save paper, and keeps your account information organized in one convenient place.
  • Secure - eStatements reduce your risk of identity theft. Only you can access your statements through the security of Online Banking and multi-layer authentication.

Make the switch to eStatements and access your account summary safely and conveniently on your computer. Better yet, you’ll get one less piece of mail cluttering your dinner table!

We know how it goes. You get your paper statement in the mail and while you have every intention of opening and looking through it right away, more often than not it gets lost or forgotten. By switching to eStatements, you can get secure, fast and convenient access to your monthly statement on your computer.


Signing up for eStatements is easy:

  • Log into Online or Mobile Banking
  • Select Documents tab
  • Click Settings
  • Click the box that says “Yes” and enter your email
  • Then Click SAVE and you’re good to go!

If you ever decide you like receiving paper statements better, all you have to do is log back in and update your preferences.


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