Financial Planning

Heritage Federal Credit Union offers a Financial Planning Tool in Digital Banking. Select the Financial Planning Tab in digital banking to track and monitor your savings and spending. Now, it’s easy to manage money, monitor spending, and actually see where your money goes. If you want to save money, improve financial health, and make financial management easier, this is a great tool for you.

  • Sync accounts with financial institutions including insurance companies, retirement brokers, etc

  • View spending habits and recurring expenses per account

  • Create savings goals

  • Organize transactions based on predeterminded categories and customizable subcategories


A. Yes, if there is not a change to the Merchant’s information, the new platform will recognize the transition and categorize it as you have designated previously. It may take a few transactions before the system learns this behavior.


A. Ensure the login information is correct for the financial institution you are attempting to link. If your login information is correct, and you are still having an issue and/or if you notice a yellow alert icon or the “Balance as of…” date is old, you will need to manually refresh the data. 

For mobile users, navigate to Settings and under Accounts, select the account that needs to be synced, and then “update login”

For desktop users, navigate to Settings and under Accounts, select the account that needs to be synced, and the refresh icon. 

A. Daily. Please note, some accounts will not automatically refresh if the other financial institution requires multi factor authentication (for example security questions). If they use multifactor authentication, this will require you to refresh your credentials by navigating to "Settings", under "Accounts" and clicking on the aggregate account you would like to be updated. 

A. No, you will still have to access most features using your other financial institutions application. 

A.  Adding external accounts will give you a holistic view of your personal finances.  Using the Financial Planning widget will allow you to have a full view of your spending by category. You can use the filter option to look at specific categories or time frames across your accounts

A. The main transaction category cannot be changed; however, you will be able to customize sub-categories when using a desktop computer or the mobile web.

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